What to Do After Receiving a Burn Injury at Work

Have you recently suffered from a burn injury at work and aren’t sure what to do next? Navigating what to do after a serious injury can be a scary situation. If the burn is severe enough, you may be out of work for a while or, worse, permanently. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, you want a good burn injury lawyer in your corner. To aid your burn injury lawyer, there are some things that you will have to do.

Keep Track of Your Medical Records

If the burn injury was severe enough to where you had to have an ER visit, you probably have a case on your hands. For that case to be successful, you must keep detailed records of any medical needs due to the injury. Remember that you are not obligated to see any medical providers selected by your place of employment. You are free to choose your own doctor regarding the injury and make any follow-up appointments that you see fit.

Record the Incident

Write down a detailed record of the incident as soon as you can. Make sure to include what happened in exact detail and any witnesses and their contact information. The information will be helpful to the best attorney for burn injuries.

You May Need to Preserve Any Physical Evidence

Recorded physical evidence may not be the case for every burn injury. Still, in the case of difficult employers, it may be a good idea to keep physical evidence in mind. For example, evidence of blood or a severe burn on clothing should be preserved as soon as possible. A clear and clean plastic bag will do the trick.

Don’t Sign Anything or Accept Money from an Employer Before Speaking to a Lawyer

Signing any kind of statement or accepting money from your employer before a lawyer is brought in could be detrimental to your case. Doing any of the two actions could limit your lawyer’s ability to get you as much compensation as you deserve.

There are many types of burns a person can receive in the workplace. That doesn’t make the situation any less harrowing, as workplace burn injuries usually cause the most severe burns. Knowing what kind of burn you received and how it happened is crucial to creating a successful case. Even if your burn is a minor one, you may be entitled to getting your medical bills paid. Refrain from counting anything out.