Finding Out Your Marriage is Over!

Deciding whether your marriage is over is not a choice that can be made easily. Filing for a divorce may be one of the most complex decisions you will ever have to make in your life. It is normal for doubts to creep in from time to time, and while some issues may be resolved through counseling, sometimes divorce may be the only option left. Talking to a divorce attorney Appleton, WI can help you figure out your options and understand what steps to take. 

How to know if your marriage is over? 

In some situations, there comes a time when filing for divorce is a better option than trying to make the marriage work. Some legitimate reasons to consider divorce are: 

  • Physical or emotional abuse 

Physical abuse goes against just about every reason why people get married in the first place. Physical and emotional abuse are the top reasons why couples get divorced. Physical abuse does not necessarily leave any physical signs, but it is still detrimental to a marriage. It is not possible to work through this kind of problem. Emotional abuse is also a top reason for divorce. Many couples stay together despite being emotionally abused by their partners because they think it can be endured. However, it is much healthier to get out of a marriage that is abusive in any way. 

  • Substance abuse 

A spouse regularly abusing drugs and other illicit substances is also one of the top reasons for divorce. Most individuals with a substance abuse problem would never admit that there is any problem, but substance abuse can negatively affect an individual and their marriage. 

  • Incompatibility 

Another reason many couples may seek a divorce is incompatibility with their spouse. This may be due to religious differences, differences in lifestyle, sexual incompatibility, or simply growing apart from another. 

  • Cheating 

Infidelity or extramarital affairs is a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Some couples may be able to resolve their issues after one instance of cheating and will only consider their marriage over if the cheating continues regularly. On the other hand, there may be couples that would want to break off the marriage if their partner cheats even once. With infidelity, the option always comes down to the couple’s personal choice. 

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