Important things to Know About the Intra-Company Transfer Visa

If a company needs to transfer its employees’ operations to any of its UK branches, the foreign candidate needs the ICT (intra-company transfer) visa for entering the country. By using the ICT visa, you can live in the United Kingdom and do the job, whichever is assigned by your employer at the branch there. When it comes to the ICT visa, they are two types.

Check the following to know about them.

  • Long-Term Staff: The ICT visa, which allows the employees to work at their office branches in the UK when they are transferred by their employer.
  • Graduate Trainee: The 2nd one is on the intra-company graduate trainee visa. This visa is usually provided when you become a part of the graduate training program (specialist role).

Employees must meet the following requirements for an ICT visa.

  • Must fall in the required salary bracket.
  • Obtain a sponsorship certificate from your company’s branch in the UK.
  • Possess a certain amount of personal funds as proof that you have the means to maintain yourselves in the UK.

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Errors that are found in the submitted application forms or the important documents that are attached to them can result in visa application refusals. To take legal action, you can submit a request for judicial review.

Another choice is to start the application procedure over by resubmitting your whole visa form. Even though dealing with legal matters might be stressful, taking the help of an immigration lawyer ensures that everything goes smoothly.

For the ICT visa, you need to submit the below documents.

  • Your employer’s sponsorship certificate.
  • Complete details of your employer. This includes the license number of their sponsor.
  • Proofs that show your financial capacity.
  • The result of the TB test.
  • If you have prior work experience, submit the related proofs.

How to find the best immigration lawyer?

  • Check the experience of different immigration lawyers in your location. Choose an immigration lawyer who has good experience, if you are looking for the best assistance.
  • Read the client reviews online to know about the various immigration lawyers in your location. Choose an immigration lawyer with positive reviews always, if you need the best assistance.
  • Take suggestions from your friends to find out if they know any immigration lawyers in your location. Do your research and then decide whom to hire.
  • Choose an immigration lawyer who listens to you with patience. There are many lawyers, who don’t listen to their clients properly.
  • Choose a lawyer who will be available to answer your calls or messages at any time. Your lawyer must be able to support you if you are stuck anywhere when applying for an ICT visa.