How to Prepare Yourself For Your First Meeting With a Motorcycle Accident 

After getting into a motorcycle accident, you will have to pay for your medical bills for the injuries that they caused. When you pursue your motorcycle accident claim, you will need to take care of multiple things. 

The insurance company cannot grant you compensation because you said you got into an accident. The company will conduct an investigation to determine liability and hence offer a compensation amount. This is why it is crucial to have an experienced lawyer by your side. 

However, when meeting Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers, you should be prepared so that you can proceed with your claim easily.

Prepare a list of questions for the lawyer. 

Your lawyer will be one of the most crucial parts of your compensation. If you choose an unreliable lawyer, there are higher chances it will hurt your claim. Therefore, you need to ensure that the lawyer you are selecting is a perfect fit for your case. For that, you must prepare a list of questions that you want to ask them. A handy note in your pocket with the list of questions will help you interview the lawyer and decide whether you should go ahead with them. 

Here are a few questions that you could ask: 

  • How much is my compensation’s worth?
  • Have you handled cases similar to mine previously? If yes, what was the outcome?
  • Can you show me your previous client testimonials or case studies?
  • How are we going to communicate about my case? 
  • Can you help me gather evidence against the at-fault party?
  • How long have you been practicisng in motorcycle accident claims?
  • How much will you charge for my case?
  • Can you take my case to the court if the situation arises?

While they answer all your questions, you should look at their tone and the way they respond to your questions. A good lawyer will confidently answer your questions without getting angry or making excuses to not answer. 

Carry all the important documents. 

Another vital thing to do is to keep all your documents in hand before meeting your lawyer. Prepare a folder with all the important documents that your lawyer would need. Here is a quick checklist of documents you should provide the lawyer: 

  • A copy of police report from the accident. 
  • Your medical reports and bills. 
  • Your insurance policy and information. 
  • Evidence you have collected, including pictures and videos from the accident scene, witness information, and more. 

You should also ask the lawyer if they need any further documents and provide them with the same as asked. It will help the lawyer understand your case better and get a fair compensation.