Why it’s Important to Hire the Right Professional for Conveyancing

Sometimes the transfer of a property from the current owner to a new owner may not be such a straightforward process. Multiple factors such as the terms of the contract or exposure to claims from either party after settlement can quickly make the process confusing. Conveyancing lawyers exist to help make the conveyancing process go smoothly and ensure the best solution is reached for both buyer and seller. This article will take a look at some reasons why hiring the right conveyancing professional is important.

They Can Perform Critical Background Tasks

While it would be pretty brazen for any property owner to attempt to sell their property with an illegitimate title, it can still happen on occasion. Not only that, but family-owned property that has been passed down through generations may have achieved heritage status without the current owners even realising it, making the sale of the property and the transfer of the title a much more complex and confusing process.

Conveyancing lawyers can perform critical background tasks such as carrying out searches on the property title to verify its legitimacy and ensure that the property doesn’t have any restrictions or special clauses that will affect its sale.

They Can Perform Any Legal Work Needed

While general conveyancers are qualified to carry out some light legal duties when it comes to the sale and transfer of a property, conveyancing lawyers are fully qualified and accredited to perform the same tasks as well as give clients legal advice during the title transfer process. This can be invaluable when dealing with high-end property or property that has special provisions attached to the title.

Conveyancing lawyers can also help you future-proof your purchase by ensuring any legal obligations or requirements on the property are met now to avoid you running into any future property disputes. Hiring a conveyancing lawyer when buying interstate property is imperative, as property laws between states can vary widely.

They Provide Advice on Financing

Conveyancing lawyers can’t provide clients with financial advice, but they can help them decipher the terms and conditions of most home loan and mortgage products on the market. Some of these financial products can be unnecessarily complex or purposefully deceptive in their nature in order to extract as much money out of prospective home buyers as possible. A conveyancing lawyer can help you look over any property financing or mortgage products you may be considering and steer you in the right direction if they feel the option you’re considering might do more harm than good in the long term.

Act As a Point of Contact Between Parties

You may be anxious about frequent communication or may simply not have the time to regularly communicate with all parties involved in the buying or selling of your property. A conveyancing lawyer can act as a point of communication between real estate agents and buyers and sellers alike. Conveyancing lawyers also already speak the “language” of property, therefore they can ensure your best interests are being looked after at every stage of the process and inform you if any party involved may be dishonest or duplicitous in their dealings.