What Is Family Law?

Family law focuses on adoption, marriage, child custody, and divorce, among others. Lawyers specializing in family law may represent clients in court proceedings related to negotiations. They also draft essential legal documents such as property agreements or court petitions.

Helpful Terms Clients Should Know

  • Emancipation: This is a court process where a minor assumes adult responsibility, becomes self-supporting, and is no longer under parents’ care.
  • Alimony: This is an allowance from one spouse to the other for support during and after divorce.
  • Marital property includes properties acquired by either spouse during the union and is subjected to division upon divorce.
  • Paternity: This entails confirmation of a child’s biological father
  • Prenuptial agreement: An agreement signed between spouses before marriage where they agree to share future property in the event of death or divorce.

Reasons To Hire A Family Law Attorney

Family law is a broad legal practice area and includes issues like reproductive rights and foster care. Hire a trusted and seasoned family law Orlando-based legal professional to ensure the loved ones are protected and adequately represented during the legal process.

Common reasons to hire a family law attorney are listed below.


Each partner will hire a lawyer to devise a settlement plan without trial. Divorce lawyers are skilled at calculating spousal support, proposing strategies for child custody, and dividing marital property.

Child Custody

Court settlement agreements and orders relating to support and custody are included in a more significant divorce case and are revisited as conditions change. Child support is altered when the financial situation of the non-custodial parent changes.


Mothers file most paternity cases to secure payments for child support from the absent father. A biological father may sometimes file for paternity to establish relationships with children. Paternity is determined through DNA testing.

Foster Care

Adoption is usually a complex process and differs depending on the type of adoption, variances in state laws, and where the child is from. It is essential to consult a family law attorney to understand the legal process.

Family law interacts with other legal practice areas, including child abuse and domestic violence. Family courts have the responsibility of protecting victims and securing a safe environment for those involved.