Understanding Sidewalk Accidents in Boston

As odd as it may sound, personal injuries after getting into sidewalk accidents are very common in Boston. When people hear about sidewalk accidents, they usually wonder what damage they can possibly do. Well, the answer is, a lot. One can be seriously injured if one breaks their bones or gets a traumatic brain injury. These are only some of the types of injuries people often report. A lawyer at Turco Legal can help you by holding the responsible party liable for your accident. 

Who is responsible for the sidewalks?

If you are living in Boston, you should know that there is usually a clear distinction when it comes to the sidewalks. While some are privately owned, others are on public streets. So, if you have decided to file a claim against a party, the first thing you need to know is whether the sidewalk is a public or private street. 

Moreover, when you are filing a claim, you will be emphasizing certain things. You first need to establish that a specific person or entity had the duty of care to maintain the property and that they branched it. You will also be required to show that the negligence has caused your injuries and that you are in pain.

We all know that Boston is a city where snow is very prevalent. When you file a claim, it can help you understand who is to be held responsible. 

  • Public sidewalks: To provide you with a better understanding, public sidewalks are those that are not owned by a particular person or business. These sidewalks are there for the public. The city and the authorities are responsible for making sure that these sidewalks are well-maintained.
  • Private sidewalks: These sidewalks, on the other hand, are owned by certain people and businesses. The person who owns the property needs to make sure that there is no snow or other hazards on the sidewalk that can harm others.

Final thoughts:

Suppose you were injured on someone else’s property because of snow, then it is the owner’s liability. In case you were trespassing, there is nothing you can do about it. Similarly, if you get into an accident in a city park, it will be the city’s responsibility. If you are uncertain who is liable for the accident or need help gathering evidence, reach out to a Boston lawyer today for help.