Reasons to get a Denial in Social Security Disability Claims

Every year millions of American citizens apply for social security disability benefits. Less than half of the applications will be successful. Probably you are wondering why there are slim chances of getting the benefits when you have a claim. Here are some reasons you may get a denial;

Lack of Evidence

The social security agency will look at the evidence you produce to support your claims. A medical report should show your incapability to be active and that you cannot work due to a disability. Even though you go for treatment, it may not be enough to convince the panel. The medical practitioner must indicate how the condition affects your ability to work. Furthermore, the agency does not have doctors to help prove your case, and they will rarely send you to the practitioners for evidence to support your claims. So, it may lead to denial if you do not have a medical report to aid your case.

Previous denials

Filing a new claim with the social security agency is not the best option after receiving a denial the first time applying for the benefits. The officer working on your case will look for previous applications and deny your claim if there are earlier case records. Working with a social security disability lawyer to appeal the case is advisable. They can help argue your case, and the reviewer can reverse the initial verdict.

Not Following the Treatment Plan

Since you present your medical records on previous and ongoing treatments, the reviewing officer at SSA will consider if you followed the doctor’s recommendations to qualify your claims. Suppose you did not follow the treatment plan. In that case, the reviewer will find it challenging to believe you cannot work because of your disability. However, you can explain your reasons for not going with the treatment plan if you receive a denial. Still, you must undergo the appeal process to get a favorable decision. It is advisable to work with an attorney if you want to increase your chances of getting the benefits.

Failure to Complete the Application Requirements

The social security disability agency has strict guidelines when vetting applicants. It is essential to follow the procedure and provide the documents they will need to process your case. Failure to cooperate with the officers will lead to a denial. Therefore, availing yourself when the agency requires you to undergo medical evaluations is vital. The initiative aims at ascertaining the validity of your claims; not showing up will disqualify you.


Even though you are earning, you can apply for the social security disability benefits. Contributing to the national economy should not disqualify you. However, you will likely get medical help rather than the monthly disbursements other applicants may get due to lost income. On the other hand, the agency can deny your claims if you earn above a particular amount of money. According to the law, their objective is to assist people in dire need of the program as they cannot work due to a listed disability.