Questions You Can Hope At Child Custody Hearings

All the child custody hearings are unique, and there isn’t involved any personalized question. The best child custody attorneys in Houston can assist parents in preparing the questions that would teach them the method by which they can answer the questions. Some questions related to this matter are:

Your fondness for a visitation schedule besides why it would be in the best interests of your child are:

  • Financial status.
  • The relationship of your child with your family.
  • Your lifestyle.
  • Your plans for taking care of your child when you can’t do it yourself.
  • Your involvement in the life of your child.
  • Plans to settle anywhere else with the child.
  • Your history of alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Other matters that hold importance.

The assistance

In a divorce case without a child or children, the biggest matter is how the property and assets would be divided. This process can turn pretty complicated and messy though the stakes are comparatively low. If children are involved in this case, then their future seems on the line. Due to this, kids in a divorce turn the entire process more complicated. Some vital issues to take into consideration are finding out primary custody, child support, and visitation rights. A parent is not required to deal with these issues alone, as a child custody attorney Houston can assist him throughout the process.

Kinds of child custody

There are several kinds of child custody:

  • Joint custody– At times, only one parent gets custody, and sometimes, parents enjoy joint custody. In joint custody, both parents have control and care for their children. Again, they will also make vital decisions related to raising their children.
  • Shared custody– If a child lives with each parent nearly 40 percent of the time, then it is called shared custody.
  • Sole custody– When only one parent gets sole custody, then it means the child would live with that parent for good, and the other parent might get access rights only.
  • Split custody– In split custody, one or more than one child stays with each parent.

The job of the custodial parent

The custodial parent remains liable to propose primary care for his child and look after his well-being. Commonly, the non-custodial parent doesn’t live with his/her child, and he/she is granted visitation rights only. However, visitations might vary, and it means a child can live with him every summer, weekend, or whatever seems ideal.

An unfit parent

A significant question is which parent is considered to be unfit in Texas. The court considers many factors in deciding whether a parent is unfit or not. Texas law states that an unfit parent fails to deliver the conditions that are important for children to maintain their emotional or physical health, and some unsafe conditions comprise emotional abuse, physical abuse, criminal behavior, drug addiction, unsafe living conditions besides many other environmental or behavioral factors that can become dangerous to a child. To be called a parent unfit, some pieces of evidence are required that would document patterns of neglect and abuse. In this situation, a child custody lawyer mobile al, can either assist in rebutting or collecting based on the unique circumstances of the parents.