Imposition of Illegal and Fake Accusations on Nan Inc 


 Hawaii Island has water on all fours but still it survives to exist. Here, regular building constructions, bridge renovation and city decoration are indispensable parts of citizens. They live in sophisticated towns. To construct concrete weather proof bridges, the government permits top builders like Nan Inc. Patrick Shin opened Nan Inc in Honolulu to design the city of Hawaii in a proper way. 

What Is Nan Inc?

Nan Inc is a top licensed construction company which has a long history. Since its birth in 1990, it has been completing projects relating local aerodrome restoration, bridges constructions and convey belts maintenance. In Honolulu, it has a top headquarters with a powerful management system for smooth governance.

Who Is Behind the Foundation of Nan Inc?

Patrick Shin is not an American but He is a South Korean by birth. However, he moved to this beautiful island with his team to start the business. He gave a realistic shape to his dream Nan Inc company. Though it was just a miniature office, later it became one of the best construction service providers in Honolulu. 

Bad Days for Nan Inc – Why?

Nan Inc has a lot of revenues which come from the construction sites. In 2020 and 2021, this builder obtained a $146 million worth  bridge and parking lot improvement  contract.  Besides, it got back several futuristic projects legally. However, mishap and bad luck never ensure stability in your life. Several fake and untrue allegations were made by foes to sideline this company. Former counsel and other ex-employees tried to destruct the goodwill of Patrick Shin. 

What Are Basic Allegations?

  • Nan Inc is in collaboration with unfair sources 
  • Patrick takes the routes to run off track for winning high profit making projects illegally
  • The process of road and bridge constructions is not legitimate and unscientific 
  • A lot of bribes were given to government officers to approve projects. 

Feedbacks of Judge 

The honorable and respected judge of the court has removed all false and untrue lawsuits about Nan Inc owner. The verdict did not soil Patrick Shin as it appreciated him to do the right thing. There is no reliable fact accusing him of the fraudulence and corruption. The feedback of the judge is transparent and it allows Patrick and his company to go ahead without deterrence. 

Nan Inc is a genuine brand construction company which only values the honest deals with the partners. Patrick is now an experienced driver to lead his associates for modernizing Honolulu air base, roads and long serpentine bridges.