How to Negotiate for Appropriate Compensation Following a Dog Bite Injury

While dogs are adorable creatures and occupy a unique place in many people’s hearts, we can sometimes forget that our furry friends are also unpredictable animals that will act on instinct in the right situation. While dog bites are a common occurrence and can lead to serious injuries, there are certain circumstances under which dog bites and attacks are more likely to occur. Some of these situations include when:

  • The dog has been previously provoked, whether by you or something else in the dog’s environment
  • The dog has a specific underlying health condition that may alter its mood or cause it to become aggravated in unanticipated circumstances
  • The owner has failed to properly train their animal or has left the dog without a leash and unrestrained
  • The dog was acting on its defense instincts while protecting its food, possession, or owner
  • You, as the victim, got attacked by the pet on its owner’s premises or property
  • A child has been playing with someone else’s dog

When to File a Dog Bite Claim for Compensation

All of the situations mentioned above are instances in which you may be able to file a claim for compensation following a dog bite injury. But one thing you must remember is that you likely will not be able to collect any compensation if you suffer a dog bite or attack caused by a stray dog.

You will only be able to seek compensation if you suffer a dog bite from a dog with a legitimate owner whom you can hold responsible for the mishap. If you ever fall victim to a dog bite, the very first thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention for any injuries that you may have suffered. 

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  • The first thing that you should do immediately after the dog bite is to clean the wound with a gentle cleanser for at least five minutes.
  • If you are bleeding profusely, you should try to secure the wound with a cloth to slow the blood loss.
  • If the wound seems minor, you should apply an antiseptic ointment or cream if you have one handy.
  • Be sure to only use sterilized cloth or bandaging on your wounds for wrapping, or else it may lead to infection and further damage.
  • After getting medical attention, you should follow your doctor’s instructions regarding how often to change your wound dressing and how to properly care for it as you heal.
  • It is also recommended to be on the lookout for any swelling, redness, fever, and pain, which may be signs of serious infection.

Filing an Official Report Regarding Your Dog Bite Injury

When you suffer a dog bite injury, there are different types of compensation for which you may be eligible given the extent of your physical, emotional, and financial pain. If the wound is on the surface of your skin and may only seem like a few scratches, and it only requires limited medical attention, it is still important for you to file a complaint. 

If dog bites are not correctly handled and given the medical attention they need, it can lead to serious health issues later on.

Improperly treated dog bite wounds can lead to permanent muscle and tissue damage, massive blood loss, and infection. These issues can result in your amassing hefty medical bills, leaving you and your family quite distressed. This is why you should prepare yourself for rigorous negotiation before you receive the compensation you deserve. Additionally, hiring a dog bite attorney adds gravitas to your case and demonstrates that you are serious.

Hiring an Attorney Can Improve Your Chance of Success

While your first priority immediately after the dog bite should be seeking appropriate medical attention for your wound, you should think about hiring an attorney who can keep your interests safe in the long run. The laws involving dog bite and personal injury can be complex, so it is suggested not to approach the case alone. Allow a qualified law practitioner to handle your confusing and daunting case.

Insurance coverage for dog bites generally falls under the dog owner’s home insurance policy. However, with all the pain and suffering from your injuries, it can be hard for you to fight with the giant insurance companies. 

Severe dog bites can require long-term medical attention and can result in hefty medical bills. This can be a significant reason for seeking professional help with your legal claim.

It is always recommended to not delay in any matter that involves legal issues. Dog bites can result in severe trauma, as well as physical, psychological, and financial pain. If you ever fall victim to a dog bite, call a personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin to learn how you can receive the compensation you deserve for your loss and damages.