How can You Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a way to get compensated for all losses including medical bills of getting the treatment right after the accident, property damages and others. You might not be in a condition to earn after a few weeks or months and may even lose your ability to earn temporarily or permanently. In this case, getting compensation becomes more important. Moreover, you should get in touch with a qualified injury attorney Louisville to file the claim and take up the case to court if needed. Below mentioned are a few factors that may affect the value of a claim:

Injuries received in an accident

First, the injury makes the most of your claim. There are several types of injuries that can be categorized based on their extent such as major and minor ones. The major injuries may include head, spine, back and fractures. In these injuries, the treatment may take more than a few weeks. Therefore, the value will be more than the minor ones such as twisting the foot, a hand or an arm. It is suggested to consult your lawyer to know the exact value of the claim based on your injuries.

Previous records of the injured person

If the person has previous records of negligence, he may lose some of the money in his claim. It may be true in the case of road accidents. If a person has a history of breaking traffic rules and getting tickets, the jury will consider this factor and may reduce the amount. Besides that, if a person has a clean record, he will be treated differently when the claim is reviewed. Age also makes a great difference. If a person is elder, his life expectancy may be lower and hence, earning capacity and loss of quality of life will make the most of the claim value.

The negligent party

It should be noted that the accident occurred because someone breached the duty of care. Certain circumstances can make you eligible to get more money. For instance, if a person was intoxicated when you had met with an accident, you may be eligible to obtain more money. The negligent party also affects the value of your claim to a great extent.

If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your claim or settlement, you should involve a personal injury attorney right after the accident.  He knows how personal injury laws work.