How an Identity Theft Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Finances

An identity theft attorney will work to ensure that all financial institutions close any fraudulent accounts opened in your name. Additionally, they will work to prevent debt collection agencies from contacting you directly.

An attorney will act as a liaison between you and these entities because they understand their legal obligations to cooperate with victims of identity theft. This will help you lower stress and save time after stealing your identity.

Removing False Information on Your Credit Reports

It’s important to change passwords regularly, shred documents that contain personal information, and check credit reports annually. But even if you follow these tips, identity theft can still happen. And if you become the victim of identity theft, getting help from an attorney is crucial.

An attorney can work with credit reporting agencies to remove erroneous information from your reports. They will also work with financial institutions and creditors to resolve fraudulent activity issues.

In addition, an attorney will be able to contact the court where the identity thief was arrested. This can help you clear your name in public records and get a “clearance letter” that will let future employers, landlords, or lenders know not to hold you responsible for past debts committed by the identity thief. This is especially useful if the thief applies for loans or government benefits in your name. Getting this letter before applying for a new job or mortgage is vital.

Filing a Police Report

Identity thieves often steal Social Security numbers, credit card information, bank account numbers, and more to establish fraudulent accounts in your name, make purchases and take out insurance policies. They can leave you with bills you didn’t incur and a ruined credit history that takes months to repair.

An identity theft lawyer can help you get a police report, an important step in protecting your identity. A New York attorney with experience in consumer protection laws can also work to hold financial institutions responsible for their negligence when it comes to ID theft.

A lawyer can also assist you in negotiating with debt collectors who are phoning you over unlawful charges on your credit reports. Additionally, they can send letters on your behalf to debt collectors indicating that you are a victim of identity theft and challenging the accusations. They can also advise you on how to protect your personal information in the future, including never clicking links in suspicious emails, shredding important documents, and checking your credit reports each year.

Recovering Your Money

Many identity theft victims lose money as a result of this crime. For instance, the thief may charge your credit cards significantly or even apply for loans in your name. Your credit score may need to improve as a result, making it more challenging for you to get loans in the future. You can sue the thief to get back this money with the aid of an attorney.

A lawyer with experience in consumer protection laws can also help you deal with financial institutions, such as banks and credit bureaus, to protect your rights. They can also help you recover any money lost from unauthorized transactions.

Theft of your identity may have a serious effect on your money and psychological health. To get assistance with this problem, immediately speak with an identity theft attorney. They can provide you with tips on avoiding identity theft in the future, such as frequently changing passwords and deleting essential documents. They can even stand in for you to defend your rights during talks, settlements, and court cases.

Resolving Other Issues

victim of identity theft often faces a long process to resolve the issue. It can involve contacting agencies, offices, and creditors to correct the issue. It can also require a victim to submit an identity theft affidavit. An attorney can help victims prepare this document and help them fill it out with various institutions and agencies.

In addition, an attorney can help a victim recover damages for financial losses and emotional distress. Victims can receive compensation for lost income, expenses, and credit card debt incurred by the fraudster. They can also be compensated for the time and labor they had to spend resolving the identity theft issues.

An attorney can also provide invaluable assistance for victims of debt collection agencies attempting to collect on fraudulent charges or other debts made in the victim’s name. An attorney can act as a go-between to prevent debt collectors from contacting the victim directly and save them additional stress.