Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma: Check these details

Whether you are facing a DUI charge or an allegation of theft in Oklahoma, you need a legal team that can represent your case. While you can always choose to move ahead without an attorney, it may not be the most practical or feasible thing to do. The idea is to get a law firm, such as Fassio Law, that specializes in criminal defense and talk to their experts for assistance. What does it really take to hire an attorney? Here are some things to know.

  • Look at their profile: What kinds of cases does a criminal defense lawyer typically take in their practice? The approach for a murder case is very different than a misdemeanor charge. You need to look at whether an attorney has the experience and expertise to provide the counsel you require to defend yourself effectively.
  • Consider their attitude: Always work with a lawyer who is passionate about the work they do. The track record of a criminal defense lawyer is absolutely critical for evaluating their profile. You need someone who wouldn’t mind going the extra mile and being your advocate through rough times.
  • Discuss their strategy: A lawyer will take a look at the evidence, check the police reports, and everything else that’s immediately available to discuss the legal routes you can consider. The strategy is also based on an investigation, but during the first couple of meetings, you can get a fair idea of what to expect of them.
  • Look at ratings: There is no better way to compare two or more lawyers than checking their ratings on social media. Consider the reviews and testimonials on social media, and don’t step back from getting direct references. If an attorney has positive words from every corner, especially on independent platforms, that’s always an advantage.
  • Ask about their fee: It is common for criminal defense lawyers to work at an hourly rate, and in many cases, you may also need to pay a charge to retain them. In some cases, especially if the matter is a minor one, the lawyer may work on a flat cost, but you always need a clear word on how you are billed.

Now that you have a fair overview of what to expect and how to sort local lawyers in Oklahoma do your homework. The sooner you engage an attorney, the better your chances are, as they would have more time to work on the case.