Five Reasons to Face a DUI Charge with a Good Defense Lawyer

Fines for DUI in Massachusetts can be quite costly and have long-lasting consequences. When convicted of a DUI, you may pay hefty fines, have your driver’s license suspension, and spend time in jail. But hiring a reliable DUI lawyer can help decrease the possible fines and penalties you may face. When get help from an attorney, you get guidance on options like plea bargaining and expungement. But you must pick a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. The right legal representation can help you reduce or avoid the consequences of a DUI conviction.  Here’s why you need to face a DUI charge with a lawyer:

They Have Extensive Knowledge and Experience in DUI Cases

A skilled defense lawyer has specialized knowledge of DUI laws in the state and has successfully handled many cases before. Working with them increases your chances of achieving a favorable outcome. The right attorney is familiar with the DUI laws, local legal system, and court procedures. 

They Can Review Evidence Against You

Your attorney will review the evidence that the prosecution may have against you and determine weaknesses in their case. They will assess every aspect of your arrest such as the presence of probable cause for stopping you and the administration of field sobriety tests. If your attorney finds violations or errors during such processes that might have impacted the rest result’s accuracy, they will question the credibility of the results in court. 

They Can Negotiate with Prosecutors

Your attorney can negotiate with prosecutors for a lessened charge or a reduced sentence if the evidence against you is quite strong and you may be convicted of a DUI. A good attorney can also get your case dismissed when they can prove the prosecution’s evidence is insufficient or weak. 

Avoid Mistakes

When you let a defense attorney handle your DUI case, you avoid saying or doing something that can ruin your case. For instance, you might end up saying incriminating statements to law enforcement officers or miss essential deadlines when you handle your case without a lawyer. A lawyer can guide you on how you should handle questions from the police. Also, they make sure that all necessary paperwork is filed promptly and that you appear at scheduled hearings. 

They Can Protect Your Rights

 Your lawyer will make sure that you can avoid illegal searches and seizures and that your legal rights are always upheld throughout the case. They can give you advice on how you must interact with the police during investigations and trials.