Common Mistakes People Make After Getting Injured at the Workplace 

Getting injured at the workplace can change the worker’s life upside down. It brings numerous challenges to workers and their families as you can incur physical injuries resulting in long-term disabilities, leading to income loss. While workers’ compensation allows you to get financial compensation irrespective of who is at fault, what you do following your injuries can affect the outcome of your claim. 

After you sustain workplace injuries, it is essential to avoid inevitable mistakes to maximize your compensation. Matt Albrecht can help you get the maximum compensation to cover all your injuries and damages. 

Top five mistakes to avoid after getting injured at the workplace. 

  • Not reporting the accident to the employer. 

After getting injured at the workplace, it is mandatory to report the injury to the senior or employer within the initial 30 days. Failure to report the accident to the responsible authority can eliminate your chances of getting compensation through workers’ compensation. 

  • Not considering a third-party claim. 

While you have the right to get compensation from workers’ compensation, you may also consider filing a third-party claim for their negligence. These may include manufacturers, subcontractors, property owners, and more. In workers’ compensation, you do not need to prove fault. However, you must provide evidence of negligence for third-party claims to get compensation. 

  • Failing to seek medical attention and follow-ups from the doctor. 

It is essential to seek medical attention after your injuries immediately. Your health and well-being should be your priority, so you should always get treated and diagnosed correctly. Furthermore, you should take follow-ups and follow the doctor’s advice strictly. Failure to do so can reduce your chances of getting workers’ compensation perks. 

  • Not considering hiring an attorney. 

Getting compensation and going through the procedure of filing a claim can be complex. As soon as you sustain injuries at the workplace, you should speak to an attorney. An attorney can help you understand the benefits you are eligible for and help in getting the compensation that you deserve. 

  • Posting about your claim on social media. 

You may not be aware, but your social media activity is monitored. What you post on social media can be used against you to lower your benefits or deny. Even if you post a random update of how you feel, it can be used against you. Therefore, it is advisable to resist using social media until you get compensation. If you want to update your friends and family, you can talk to them through messages.