Benefits of hiring a private criminal defense attorney vs. public defender

Public defenders typically have very large caseloads and limited time to dedicate to each client. It’s not uncommon for public defenders to have over 100 active cases at one time. A private attorney, on the other hand, will only take on a reasonable number of clients at once so they truly focus on each case. Having an attorney who has ample time to analyze the details of your case, conduct investigations, research defences, and create a comprehensive legal strategy is a major difference.

Greater expertise and experience

All attorneys must meet base qualifications to practice law, private criminal defense attorneys often have much more substantial experience and expertise, especially if they specialize or have practiced for many years. Public defender offices tend to have high turnover, meaning you could end up with an attorney who is fresh out of law school. Private attorneys devote their entire practices to criminal defense and over time build deep knowledge of all aspects of the field. Their experience defending hundreds or thousands of clients over many years is invaluable.

Individualized defense strategy

They are heavy caseloads and public Brampton local criminal lawyers often rely on a more formulaic, one-size-fits-all approach to defense. A private attorney will develop a customized strategy based on the nuances of your charges, circumstances, and goals. They will spend time getting to know you as an individual so they build the strongest case possible. Their defense strategy is tailored specifically to you, maximizing the chances of the best outcome.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Public defenders sometimes encounter conflicts of interest between clients, such as representing co-defendants. This means they fully advocate for you and must step aside. A private attorney dedicated solely to you faces no such conflicts. You be confident they are 100% on your side.

Focus on your specific charges

Public defenders work on all types of criminal cases from petty theft to murder. A private criminal defense lawyer likely focuses on a specific subset of charges, such as DUI, drug crimes, white-collar offenses, or juvenile cases. Their knowledge of the nuances of your type of charges be invaluable. They will know of case histories, plea deal trends, key strategies, and local practices that a general practice public defender may miss.

Comfort and responsiveness

They may only meet with a public defender a couple of times before trial. A private attorney will make themselves available for frequent consultation via phone, email, text, and in person. You will feel well-informed and have all your questions answered promptly. This responsiveness and personal attention provide enormous value. Public defenders often lack the time and resources to bargain hard. A reduced charge, dropped counts, or lesser sentence may be possible with the help of private counsel.

Better investigation

To build the strongest defense, your attorney must gather and analyze evidence and conduct witness interviews. Private attorneys have greater resources to hire professional investigators who dig deeper. Public defenders are often overstretched and must handle investigations themselves. A more thorough investigation uncovers evidence or testimony that gets charges reduced or dismissed.