Are You Eligible for Compensation for Medical Mishaps?

All medical providers are supposed to operate with a certain sense of integrity, compassion, and empathy. However, sometimes patients don’t feel like they’ve experienced those qualities. You could be 100 percent eligible to receive a settlement if you’ve been subjected to subpar treatment at a medical facility. These are three questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you proceed by visiting an attorney:

Is Your Condition Worse?

You could be a valid candidate for a malpractice settlement if you are in a worse condition now than you were when you initially went to visit the doctor. Your worsened condition may be due to a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis. Either of those situations could qualify you to receive compensation. 

Have You Suffered a Loss?

The next question you should ask is whether you suffered a loss. You should have documentation to prove that you lost income because of medical bills, lost work wages, and bills that fell behind while you were recovering from your illness. A malpractice attorney Renton-based specialist can assist you if you have the appropriate documentation.  

Can You Prove the Medical Provider Acted Inappropriately?

The most important part of your lawsuit will be proving that the medical provider acted in a way that was not in your best interest. This part of the process can be tricky. You may believe the provider should have handled you a certain way. However, that doesn’t mean the provider did something wrong by not doing so. The best move is to schedule a consultation with an attorney so that the two of you can discuss the events leading up to the incident. The lawyer will let you know if your incident qualifies. 

You may proceed by scheduling an appointment with an attorney if you can answer yes to any of the above-mentioned questions.