5 Scenarios to Call a Reputable Criminal Lawyer in Singapore

You must take a criminal investigation or arrest seriously and know when to contact an attorney. Experienced criminal defence attorneys are well-versed in the criminal justice system. A criminal lawyer in Singapore has spent years dealing with prosecutors and police. Hence, they will know how to examine the cases their clients are facing. The following are some scenarios that require the presence of a criminal lawyer.

#1 Witness to a Crime

If you observed an occurrence and had nothing to do with it, you should be able to speak with the authorities. If the police seek your statement, request an appointment with the officer. An overzealous or untrained cop may form the incorrect impression of you as a witness. If the facts are such that they might give rise to suspicions or false accusations, you should consult with a lawyer. You can always consult with an attorney from a reputable criminal law firm in Singapore about what you saw and how you were engaged.

#2 Forced to Sign Documents

If the police want you to sign a release giving them access to sensitive records, respectfully decline and consult a reputable criminal lawyer in Singapore. The police have no authority to compel you to do anything unless they have a reason to suspect you committed a crime. If the police observe you breaching the law or have strong proof that you committed a crime, they can get warrants to search you or your property.

#3 Arrests for a Crime

The most evident occasion when you need a reputable criminal defence lawyer in Singapore is when you are detained or arrested by the police. If this occurs, you should immediately stop answering questions and calmly explain that you will not speak anymore without the presence of an attorney.

#4 Serving of a Search Warrant

A search warrant is a document authorised by a court that allows police or detectives to search for evidence of a crime. They can grant a search warrant for your house, workplace, storage locker, automobile, computer, or any other location where the court believes there is evidence of illegal behaviour. Step outside, lock the door behind you and request that they not examine your house or computer until your lawyer from a reputable criminal law firm in Singapore comes.

#5 Getting a PPO

Although you do not need a lawyer to petition for a personal protection order in Singapore, it may be in your best interest to do so. Getting a lawyer is crucial if the abuser has a lawyer for representation. Even if the abuser does not have a lawyer, you should consult one to ensure your legal rights.

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